Connor Danson
Josh Thompson
Harry Bates

Apologies sent

Nicola Dawber
Jake Adams
April Rankin

Items discussed

  • Progress of Votes at 16 bill in Parliament.
  • Youth Fund applicant attending next week and refund policy created and voted on.
  • Social media: Creation of Instagram and possible Snapchat account.
  • Social media posting requirements from members and youth worker.
    • At least 2 votes from members in favour of post before being posted. (Majority required)
    • Exception to this is the Social Media Guru who reserves full right to post without prior consultation.
  • Discussion of posting on Facebook to resolve current lack of posts.

The next Dates for BYV Meetings
BYV meeting is on the Monday 13th November at 5.30 till.7.30
BYV meeting is on the Monday 20th November at5.30 till 7.30
BYV meeting is on the Monday 27th November at 5.30 till 7.30
BYV meeting is on the Monday 4th December at 5.30 till 7.30