Workers: April, Jake

Members: Connor D, Josh T, Nicola D, Demi B, Nicola B, Josh D, Emma B, Shelly B, Seb B,


Harry B

Agenda, Discussions & Actions

Rachel from Future U attended session to talk about the Action Research Project. Gave dates for training and next steps.

Finalised who can attend YOFO on Sunday, gave time to meet at URP office in the morning.

Action carried forward from last meeting: Looked at roles and responsibilities within the group, the group added any extra and are thinking about what role they may want to take on. These will be elected at the AGM in Feb 2018

YouthSummit- Discussions on venue and date for youthsummit, who to invite to be in the audience and the panel.

Sam came into the group and discussed about Time to change champions and creating a social action project around mental health.


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