On the 5th of November I took a trip down to the House of Commons as MYP’s for Blackpool. I went to the debate that discussed the top 5 issues from make your mark. a referendum that over a million young people aged 11-18 voted in.

The debated issues were LGBT rights, transport, work experience hubs , a curriculum for life  and votes at 16. some passionate debates occurred by everyone and put points into different prospective s. this gave the view form different parts of the nation. one contribution that really affected the debate and me was a member from northern Ireland. he contributed on the curriculum for life saying that in a post conflict nation, if every ethnic group learned about each other and their culture. it would resolve issues in the community and improve northern Ireland a s a whole. after listening to all of the debates all MYP’s voted for the 2 issues to campaign on for the following year. the issues that were voted on is votes at 16 and a curriculum for life.

This is the second year straight that these two campaign motions were passed and gives the chance of votes at 16 being passed into law after a possible private members bill  being debated in the house of commons on December the first. overall it was great productive day meeting likeminded young people with the passion for change.