Make Your Mark, the annual national ballot of all young people aged 11-18 took place from August to October this year. 4773 young people from Blackpool made their voices heard by voting on the issue that they felt most passionate about. The 10 possible issues were: A Curriculum to prepare us for life; Votes at 16; Protect LGBT+ People; Support for Young Carers; Transport; First Aid Education for All Young People; Mental Health; Make Invisible Disabilities Visible; Protecting School Budgets from Damaging Cuts; Work Experience Hubs for 11-18 year olds.

The issue that young people across Blackpool voted as their top priority was ‘Mental Health’ which received 15.3% of total ballots. ‘A Curriculum to prepare us for life’ was second with 14.7% and in third was ‘Work Experience hubs for 11-18 year olds’ with 11.4%.

Blackpool Youth Voice will be working with local organisations including schools, colleges and youth groups in order to make a difference for young people based upon the result of this ballot. We aim to meet with many of these organisations during our annual Youth Summit to discuss these key issues.

Each vote cast is one young person making their voice heard to change their lives and their town for the better. We would like to thank every organisation, school, college, youth group and young person that took part in this important vote to change the lives of the young people in our town.

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