Harry Bates
Lancashire Area Rep

The being a member of Blackpool Youth Council I’m passionate about making young people active in the community and Making transport better fit young people. Nationally I’m passionate about a curriculum for life and mandatory first aid education

Being a member has helped me develop my confidence and public speaking and I have met new people

Connor Danson

Being a member (and as of recently, Chair) of Blackpool Youth Council has given me the opportunity to represent Blackpool's young people, and engage in opportunities to raise awareness of the issues that young people face. I've gained confidence in speaking with a wide variety of people and have been able to improve my teamwork and leadership skills. Meeting new people (particularly decision makers) has got to be one of the best parts of being a member of BYC. I have been attending Blackpool youth voice for 2 years.

Nicola Beardall
Vice Chair

My journey through Blackpool Youth Council has shown me I have good team work and very good leadership skills. I have had the responsibility of being the Vice Chair. The skills I have developed are confidence speaking out in front of an audience, and also always having a positive attitude towards anything. Whilst being part of Blackpool Youth Council I’ve done many events and been on many trips for example the LGBT day, making campaigns, and going on many YOFO’s. I have made many new friends who I will keep in touch with whilst I was on my journey though Blackpool Youth Council. I have been attending for 6 months. 

Demi Blackman

My journey through Blackpool Youth Council has been an amazing experience and been one where I have developed many skills. I have been able to develop many skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and time management. I have enjoyed doing different things such as International woman’s Day and research with future you. I have liked working with a range of people and have built my confidence greatly. One of my best experiences at BYC is bowling where we all had the chance to bond over a great game. I have been attendee at Blackpool youth voice for 6 months and I really enjoy myself. I’m looking forward to future events where I am eager to develop as a young person and express my views. 

Nicola Dawber
Volunteer Youth Worker

My journey through Blackpool Youth Council has helped me to build my confidence, it has helped me speak to new people. I have made new friends, and it gave me the chance to gain new experiences and to go to different places. Blackpool Youth Council has helped me when I’ve been down, the youth workers have helped me a lot when I have needed it especially last Saturday. Blackpool Youth Council has made a big difference in my life, if I did not have it in my life I do not know what I would be doing right now. I have been attending Blackpool youth council for 4 years.

Josh Hayes
BYC Member

I joined Blackpool Youth Council to support the young people in Blackpool. I have been involved with some events in Blackpool they are CAMHS, LGBT, Youth Summit and delivered presentations to other youth groups.  Being a part of Blackpool Youth Council has allowed me to have a say in what happens in my local area and make new friends.

Sebastian Bookhart
BYC Member

Whilst being part of the Blackpool Youth Council my journey has been great, I have been involved in many different events such as LGBT fest where we made different types of campaigns. The skills I've developed are communication and team work, all this has made me have a lot more confidence around new people and speak about my opinions more. I have attended Blackpool youth voice for 6 months now and I have developed more as a person.

April Rankin
Participation Worker

Hi, I’m April and I am a Youth and Community worker here at URPotential. I started URPotential as a volunteer and began by running the Art group for young people and got involved in other projects that developed a wide range of skills and knowledge. I have a PTLLS qualification, a degree in Textile Crafts and I am a qualified JNC Youth and Community Worker.

I am the Participation and Engagement worker, this includes supporting Blackpool Youth Voice, Peer Mentors and developing and supporting social action projects across Blackpool.

Throughout my time at URPotential I have been involved in different projects, activities and events. I have delivered Move into volunteering and Peer Mentoring Training. Developed and delivering adult training and a Peer Support programme.