Attendance: Josh. T,  Shelley.B, Emma. B, Nicola.B, Joshua.D, Harry.B, Connor.D , Seb.B , Rebecca.M, Keenan. C, Josh. H

Apologies: Demi. B


Welcome from chair 

Youth fund- have sorted out a laptop for one of the youth funds

We have reviewed an application for British sign language courses.

YOFO residential- April to collect paperwork from members

Review &  feedback  from International Women’s Day- 

Next time we hope to have an appropriate table for our stands.

More precised roles for the day.

Campaign ideas-

C4L Team-  Harry, Nikki, Seb, Emma, Nicola, Demi, Josh

Action plan: going to develop an education pack

Start to develop an action plan.

Make Your Mark-

Team- Connor, Josh, Shelley, Keenan, Joshua, Rebecca

Action plan: writing letters to heads of schools and heads of youth clubs to inform them about the ‘Make your mark’ votes.

Outreach at Firework display: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, September. 7:30-9 pm. (time will be confirmed)

Future planning/ termly plan-


Agenda ;

*youth fund


*sub groups and campaign

*international woman’s day


Youth Fund

voted and agreed that who ever participates in  NCS can apply for the youth fund  and April to look at applications

( you can only apply to the youth fund once ).

we have debated about the youth fund criteria and decided who fits what .


Emma and Rebecca are doing a write up about yesterdays events .

As a team we have decided to go for a fun day after all are hark work (bowling)



josh T
Katie w
Jordan m
connor D
Joshua D
harry B
Hannah  D
Emma B
Nicola D
Nicola B
Demi B
Shelly B

Jake  A

April R




1 welcome from chair

2 Apologies received

3 Branding

4 LGBT fest – workshop finish

5 Youth summit

6 Youth fund

7 Dates of the next meeting

Friday 2nd February  5.30 till 7.30

Monday 5th February 5.30 till 7.30



Joshua D

Conner D

Harry B

Mason B

Tia T

Kristy F

Leta j

Chloe D

Sarah  F

Rebecca  M

Nicola B

Sebastian B

Emma B

Shelley  B

Katie W

Hannah D

Josh T

Nicola D

  • Welcome from the chair
  • introduction to the new  members – activity
  • group  update
  • The LGBT fest
  • Youth summit
  • feedback  from yofo  was on Saturday
  • action plans
  •  the next meeting is on Monday and Friday

Dates  for the next meeting is Monday 5.30 till .7.30



April R

Jake A

Seb B

Harry B

Connor D

Josh T

Shelley B

Emma B

Demi B

Nicola B

Josh D


Nicola D

Agenda items;

Debbie and Linda update; directors come to update us and find out what we have been doing, Blackpool youth voice has a funding bid for 3 years(Esmee Fairbairn). they wanted to talk to us to encourage people to join BYC. The website isn’t up to date . We have had replies from a range of groups and clubs. Website the action plan (12 MONTH). Link in keys schools and social groups . We were talking about how we can engage more with groups and schools so we are suggesting volunteers from URPoential to come in to schools and talk about BYC to promote and get more members. The schools have to get on board and so does different groups such as young careers. The groups need to be represented through BYC.The government said Blackpool had one of the worst GCSE rates. A social interaction fund.£1 million to give extra curricular activities.Training youth worker to help people in their journey,we need to look at how young people are involved.

Social Media; 

Twitter ;Josh T ,Josh D , Emma B (Connor D Harry B to tweet on there own social media )

Instagram ;Harry B Nicola B (Emma B will use Aprils )

Personal tweets to schools

LGBT Fest;

We have to plan an hour session we have decided to do an intro about BYC (which we launch our re branding) . we have done a time line of important events and we learnt how to plan a campaign and what it takes to do so ,the LGBT Fest is on Saturday were we will be promoting BYC .

Youth Summit;

we are interested in designing a poster for the youth summit . The content is  :the date ,time ,venue,food make your mark theme ,BYC, bring people along. who do we want to come . gave posters to BYC members to give to LGBT friends.

Dates of next meeting – Friday 19/01/2018 (5-7) – Monday 22/01/2018 (URP 5:30-7:30)

AOB- Next YOFO Northwich 20th January

Fairness commission – Josh attended – priorities discussed at meeting, looking at MYM top 3 to add as a priority of theirs

close 7:30pm