Attendance: Josh. T,  Shelley.B, Emma. B, Nicola.B, Joshua.D, Harry.B, Connor.D , Seb.B , Rebecca.M, Keenan. C, Josh. H

Apologies: Demi. B


Welcome from chair 

Youth fund- have sorted out a laptop for one of the youth funds

We have reviewed an application for British sign language courses.

YOFO residential- April to collect paperwork from members

Review &  feedback  from International Women’s Day- 

Next time we hope to have an appropriate table for our stands.

More precised roles for the day.

Campaign ideas-

C4L Team-  Harry, Nikki, Seb, Emma, Nicola, Demi, Josh

Action plan: going to develop an education pack

Start to develop an action plan.

Make Your Mark-

Team- Connor, Josh, Shelley, Keenan, Joshua, Rebecca

Action plan: writing letters to heads of schools and heads of youth clubs to inform them about the ‘Make your mark’ votes.

Outreach at Firework display: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, September. 7:30-9 pm. (time will be confirmed)

Future planning/ termly plan-