Firstly we met at 9:45 at Blackpool north. It was me ( Harry ) Nicola and Jake, we then met Connor at poulton train station and swiftly arrived at Preston. When we arrived we crossed the road to Lancashire county hall.we then had time to mingle with other people. Next the opening session was with the guest appearance from Jim macmhar the mp for oldham. He was explaining how the bill for votes at 16 came to be and how to affectIvey  campaign so our MPs support the bill. Next our local authorities made a Video to ask our MPs to support the bill. Next we were split up into our roles. Myp’s were briefed on what’s going to happen when they visit parliament and how to conduct themselves. Dmyps talked about how and if UKYP is representative of young people. Youth councillors talked about how to improve make your mark for next year. For lunch I found that it wasn’t that bad. It must have been good for the average person as I’m a VERY picky eater. We then wrote the pros and cons of various topics like young people in the media and how the monarchy/ lords relate to young people. In the closing session they discussed the people who got over 1000 make your mark votes one of which was Connor our DMYP’s. We then crossed the road and whizzed home on the train. Overall it was good day to connect our area but not too productive in general.


By Harry Bates, member of youth parliament for Blackpool

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