We began the YouthForia (yofo) event with the introductions as well as an ice breaker game, to which many found enjoyable . We were then asked to join the groups corresponding to our own positions (myp, youth councillors etc) to which I joined the POSH ambassadors . After introductions we discussed the ocean (rising sea levels , yeah island , oil spills etc)  and how our local authorities have been attempting to improve the environment of our area , we then split into our local authorities and made a video presenting POSH , what we do and how people can help. Once lunch was over, we re-entered the lecture to have a Q&A and speech from a few who have dealt with or are attempting to help the environment ( Emma Greenwood , a climate activist , Harriet Potts , from the POSH steering group , Chris Mathews , of untried utility’s , Sarah Mander , of the Tyndall centre , Marion Loyd-Jones of carbon co-op and Sarah Buckley if Scottish power) . They discussed : the charge project , Teressa May and her claim that Britain will be carbon neutral by 2050 as well as confronted the claim that it should be 2025 instead to which we were told about the danger of doing so and they also gave tips to future activists .lastly was the Cumbria and Lancashire meeting , sadly not many came to the meeting , Blackpool Youth Council being the majority with two other girls from other local authorities , but we still discussed recent activity in our local authorities and our area . This brought yofo to a close , in my opinion it was productive and a time well spent.

Written by Katie Lagden, Deputy Member of Youth Parliament

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